Nonprofit helps Midlands residents with home repairs

Nonprofit helps Midlands residents with home repairs

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Several residents in the Midlands today got a hand with home repairs thanks to the nonprofit organization Home Works of America.

One of the sites belongs to Mary S. Woodard who lives off of Wilkes road in Columbia. Angela Smith, the daughter of Woodard, says her mother's house which was built more than 65 years ago, eventually started to wear down after her dad passed away and not as many repairs could be done.

She said her family came across Home Works after looking for ways to help her mother repair the house.

Saturday, a local church group who volunteers through home-works stepped in and made those repairs possible, bringing peace of mind to the family.

"You know worrying about your mother, she wants to be, making sure she's comfortable. You know what I'm saying? And they're doing that. They're doing a wonderful job," said Angela Smith.

"I'm just pleased about it, that people can come in, don't even know you and do things for you. It's so pleasant," said Mary S. Woodard.

“Being able to get our guys together, our church to come out and serve, I think it’s just a huge blessing,” said Matt Stroud, a site leader with the church Midtown Fellowship.

Stroud said in total, 4 homes were worked on Saturday.

If you, family member, or friend would like to see if you qualify for home repair help through Home Works, please click here.

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