Woman fights ticket for honking at officer

She honked when a car pulled out in front of her; turns out it was an unmarked police car

Woman says officer ticketed her for honking at his unmarked police car

WESTBORO, MA (WBZ/CNN) - A woman said she’s getting a raw deal after she alleges she got a ticket for honking her car horn at a cop.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Stephanie Kelley said.

In Auburn several weeks ago, she said a cop in an unmarked SUV peeled out in front of her as she swerved to avoid him.

“And as I did, I blared my horn at him, and I looked over and I saw that it was a police officer,” Kelley said.

It turns out the officer was pursuing another car but wound up writing Kelley a rare “noise” ticket for what he called “excessive and unnecessary” use of her horn.

"I had to swerve around him. Why wouldn't I get angry?” Kelley said. “And then to get pulled over and get a citation for that action is completely infuriating."

Kelley got even more upset when she learned that the officer told his superiors something not written in any report, accusing her of giving him the middle finger from behind the wheel.

“I did not flip this guy off,” she said.

Kelley, who works for the state, said she has the utmost respect for police officers and denies doing anything beyond throwing her hands up in disgust.

After pleading her case to several town officials, the police chief told her the ticket was within the officer's "professional discretion."

“It’s just not fair. You know, it’s my word against his, basically,” Kelley said.

The chief tells us the officer is a "gentle giant" with no complaints despite thousands of citations issued.

Even though paying the $55 quietly would be far less costly and troublesome, Kelley vows to fight this ticket until the end.

"I have to!" she said.

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