‘It’s horrible:’ Columbia woman living next to illegal dump site hoping for a cleaner Midlands

Published: Jan. 14, 2019 at 5:47 PM EST
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - While some parts of the Midlands are nearly spotless, other seem to have a litter problem that’s getting out of control. One woman who lives off of Farrow Road says she’s being personally affected by all of this trash.

“It’s horrible,” Gwendolyn Tyler said. “It’s very, very horrible.”

Tyler likes to keep her yard nice and neat, but on the other side of the fence in her back yard…it’s beginning to look like a landfill.

“It’s trash on the other side,” she said. “There’s always trash there.”

(Source: Miranda Parnell/WIS)
(Source: Miranda Parnell/WIS)

Two used mattresses, a sofa, and several tires sit just feet away from Tyler’s home. The only thing separating her property from this dump site…is a fence.

There are several ‘No Dumping’ signs posted around this area, but Tyler says, they clearly aren’t working and she wants to see some definitive change.

“They’re not worried about that sign,” she said. “Cause they’re going to throw the trash on the ground. Something really needs to be enforced. When people ride by or walk by, they need to call the politicians. Whoever your representative is for Richland County, or whatever county.”

(Source: Miranda Parnell/WIS)
(Source: Miranda Parnell/WIS)

While Tyler sees plenty of garbage just outside of her home, she says it isn’t the only part of this area that’s getting trashed. We took a short ride around nearby streets…and she’s right.

“We need to clean up all areas that have a problem with littering and stuff,” Tyler said.

Tyler says she wants to see litter control and illegal dumping become a priority, but until then, she’s keeping an eye out for perpetrators.

“If I catch somebody out there, I’m getting their tag, and I’m calling the police,” she said . “It’s a shame.”

In 2018, legislators refined the definition of littering to make sure that illegal dumping carried heftier penalties. You can report illegal dumping to Palmetto Pride, DHEC, or the ombudsman’s office for your county.

(Source: Miranda Parnell/WIS)
(Source: Miranda Parnell/WIS)

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