911 calls released following the death of Lexington Co. runner

911 calls released following the death of Lexington Co. runner

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - Chilling 911 calls were released of the morning Dianne Sullivan Wells was hit and killed by a car in Lexington County.

The accident happened around 5:15 a.m. near Lexington High School in December 2018. Wells was hit while crossing Augusta Highway with her running group, FiA. She was thirty-six years old.

Several 911 callers described the scene to dispatchers. Many were emotional, describing what happened while looking over their critically injured friend. One caller described the vehicle that hit Wells:

Caller: "It's like a big Chevrolet truck."

911 dispatcher: "What color?"

Caller: "It's tan or silver and it's carrying a trailer behind it."

Others called in the emotional moments immediately after the accident:

Dispatcher: "Ma'am tell me what's happening."

Caller: "People are just around her… I don't know what to do."

Dispatcher: "Is she breathing?"

Caller: "Is she breathing guys? Yes, she's breathing."

Dispatcher: "How many vehicles were involved?"

911 caller: "One. It's a truck. We were running and my friend got hit. She was running across the street and she got hit."

Dispatcher: "Ok, so a person got hit?"

911 caller: “Yes. Yes.”

At this point, the circumstances surrounding the accident are still unknown and law enforcement continues to investigate. As Wells’ running brothers and sisters continue to mourn the loss of “Digits,” as Wells was nicknamed, a donation has been made to the F3 and Fia Lexington Pax of "nox-gear vests.” The group said a member of that Pax offered to purchase the vests, and NoxGear ended up providing the 145 reflective vests at no cost.

That anonymous initial donor is now donating the funds intended to purchase the vests to the Wells family.

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