Littering, illegal dumping are popping up around the Midlands

Littering, illegal dumping are popping up around the Midlands

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places.

That is a common South Carolina motto, but not everyone is living up to the standard.

While there are plenty of neighborhoods that are keeping the roads and cities clean, it’s not hard to find trash and empty bottles scattered alongside the roads and highways.

Tires, televisions, and trash are all commonly found along South Carolina roads and highways after they’ve been tossed aside by litterbugs.

“We’ve only got one planet,” said Sarah Lyles from Palmetto Pride. “We have to be responsible and take care of it.”

Palmetto Pride is an organization that’s worked for decades to preserve South Carolina’s beauty by cracking down on litter.

“It is against the law, and there are some hefty fines out there,” Lyles said. “For simple littering, around 15lbs and below, it’s a $25 to $100 fine. If you get caught with illegal dumping it can get up to $1000.”

Palmetto Pride has been working with DHEC to help residents report illegal dumping or littering they may know about, and they even have a free mobile app where you can send in what you’ve seen.

Some illegal dumping sites basically work as a community dumpster, and that’s exactly what Palmetto Pride is trying to stop.

“It’s usually tucked away, it’s usually on rural roads or areas that have been used as an illegal dump for years and years and years,” Lyles said.

Lyles says everyone can do their part by properly throwing away their trash, reporting illegal dumping, and doing your part to help.

“You’ve got to pick it up,” Lyles said. “It’s not going to go anywhere until you pick it up.”

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