‘Roll Tide,’ says sick Columbia teen granted wish to see Alabama take on Clemson

‘Roll Tide,’ says sick Columbia teen granted wish to see Alabama take on Clemson

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A Columbia teenager will get a break from hospital rooms and chemotherapy treatments as he makes the trip to California for the College Football National Championship.

Logan Burr, 18, is a diehard Alabama Crimson Tide fan, born in Alabama and always staying loyal to the crimson and white.

“I’ve always loved them,” Burr said. “That and my love for the game of football have always been big for me.”

Burr started playing football when he was four years old and as he got older, found his calling on both sides of the ball. Serving as an offensive and defensive lineman, he was looking forward to playing his senior year, until his vision started getting blurry.

“He would go golfing and he couldn’t see the ball right in the middle of the faraway,” Kimberly Burr, Logan’s mother said. “So we took him to get glasses and that’s when they told us we needed to go to the emergency room.”

In February 2018, Burr was diagnosed with Germinoma, a germ cell cancer. Scans revealed Burr had two malignant tumors, one in the front of his head and the other in the back.

‘Roll Tide,’ says sick Columbia teen granted wish to see Alabama take on Clemson
‘Roll Tide,’ says sick Columbia teen granted wish to see Alabama take on Clemson

“It’s very scary, very. I was real frightened when I heard the word cancer,” Burr said.

Burr’s parents said one tumor was pressing against his pituitary gland, and looking back, there were signs they say went unnoticed.

“We didn’t realize the amount of damage it had done to the pituitary gland,” Kimberly Burr said. “Like I said he played football, so he was outside and doing stuff and he’d drink a lot of water….we never thought anything of it.”

When doctors measured how much water Burr was drinking on a daily basis, his parents were shocked.

“Five and a half gallons of water,” Kimberly Burr said. “That’s ten times what the average person should drink a day.”

Shortly after the diagnosis, chemotherapy and radiation began. Treatment ended in October and scans showed Burr is in remission.

Carolina Sunshine for Children granted Burr his wish to see the national championship game well before his beloved Crimson Tide were named as a contender.

Logan Burr with Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts
Logan Burr with Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts

“It kind of was the brightness at the end of the tunnel kind of thing. It made me want to get through this just so I could go,” Burr said. “Had Alabama not made it, it still would have been cool but the fact that they’re in the game makes it that much better.”

Upon returning from the trip, Burr will see doctors again for an additional set of scans to ensure the cancer remains in remission.

Burr’s mom, Kimberly, is a Clemson fan and plans to cheer for the Tigers Monday night despite her son’s allegiance to Alabama. As for the outcome, Burr is confident his team will come out on top.

“My mom wouldn’t like me but I don’t think Clemson’s going to be able to handle the pressure!” Burr said.

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