‘More like a highway’: Rosewood neighbors say speeding still major issue

'More like a highway': Rosewood neighbors say speeding still major issue

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - New numbers from the Columbia Police Department show in 2018, officers wrote 138 traffic tickets written along side streets in the Rosewood area, including Holly and Bonham streets, and 14 crashes were reported south of Rosewood Drive.

Still, according to neighbors, speeding continues to be a major issue on the neighborhood’s major roads.

Folks active in combating the issue have gotten the two major roads – South Bonham Street and South Holly Street – reclassified as minor connector roads, which means the city can now study them and implement traffic calming measures. However, that hasn’t happened yet and the city’s traffic engineering department doesn’t have a timetable for those studies to be completed.

"The cars that drive down that street drive so fast that I can feel the displacement of air in my house,” said Matthew Upchurch. “I can feel the inertia off the vehicles. We're talking about a street in an urban area in the City of Columbia that's about half a mile in length with almost zero traffic infrastructure in place."

South Holly Street resident Sheryal Bennett said that speeding was an everyday nuisance last year. This year, she said not much has changed.

"You got some that drive nice and some that do like 65-70 miles an hour here, honey," she said. "And I don't know why."

Upchurch said it feels more like a highway than a neighborhood street.

“The feeling of the road itself is one that it isn’t welcoming to pedestrians,” he said. “I think it has a very large psychological effect in terms of 'does it feel walkable?’ The potential for a very high impact collision is there. And it’s really a ticking time bomb in terms of someone’s really gonna get hurt.”

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