Tigers bring smiles to patients during hospital visit

Tigers bring smiles to patients during hospital visit
Clemson freshman offensive lineman Matt Bockhorst shares a moment with a patient during their visit to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital.

DALLAS, TX (WIS) - Although Clemson has spent a lot of their time in Dallas getting ready for Notre Dame and this weekend’s big game, there was some time for the Tigers outside of prepping for the Cotton Bowl to give back.

On Thursday, the Tigers visited patients at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. While there, players and patients played games and made arts and crafts as part of their visit.

“This is a real privilege for us,” said Tigers head coach Sweeney. “For me, it’s personal. My sweet mom of 74 spent the first 10 years of her life in a children’s hospital in Birmingham, Ala. My mom is a big reason why I’m here and the main reason she’s here is because of the great work of the children’s hospital. To have facilities like this that a kid can come to and get better is amazing. I know the work that goes into it and it’s an honor to be here.”

Players also visited with patients, signed autographs, took pictures, and handed out Cotton Bowl goodie bags bringing smiles to each of their faces.

“At the end of the day, this is what it’s all about,” said Tigers cornerback Trayvon Mullen. “Even though we have a big game Saturday, we still make the time to come show our love and appreciation because, on the football field, that is what we do as well. We show how much we love and care for each other, even though we may not know each other, the love is still there, and you must have some soft spot in your heart for everyone.”

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