A Columbia man lost his work truck to thieves, but the community has rallied behind him to help

A Columbia man’s lost his work truck to thieves, but the community has rallied behind him to help

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Columbia landscaper Van Singleton is back in business after his truck was stolen last week. A WIS viewer saw his story and gave Singleton the title to a set of wheels that would help him get back to work.

When Singleton’s truck went missing, he had no way to haul his equipment around and had essentially lost his livelihood.

But within minutes of the story airing, our newsroom was fielding calls and emails from WIS viewers who wanted to help.

Today, Mr. Singleton was handed the keys to a truck that he thought he’d be able to borrow for a while. He walked out with a car title.

“I’ve been down and out so much, and they did me so wrong,” Singleton told Russell Smith of Sandhills Power Equipment Repair. “I’m sure glad that you’re here for me.”

“I’m going to give it to you,” Smith replied, pulling out the title for a truck sitting outside.

“You’re going to give it to me?!” Singleton asked, shocked. “Wonderful! God is so good! Oh my God! Thank you, sir!”

Mr. Singleton and Russell Smith are strangers. But after seeing Singleton’s story on WIS earlier this week Smith said he knew he had to reach out, and do what he could to help.

“This is what I was supposed to do,” Smith said. “It was in my heart to do. After I saw the broadcast, tears were just running down my face.”

With his new key in hand, Mr. Singleton was ready to take a look at the truck. Through all of his thanks…he was still focused on getting back to work.

“This is so nice,” he said. “I can get around to do my work! Do my jobs!”

And for a meetup that seemed heaven sent…it all ended with a prayer.

“Bless my brother here Lord,” Smith prayed. “So he may continue his vision and his purpose, Lord.”

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