Former SCANA employee says “ego, greed, and lack of integrity” has cost SCE&G customers billions

Former SCANA employee says “ego, greed, and lack of integrity” has cost SCE&G customers billions

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Carlette Walker, the former VP of Nuclear Finance was supposed to testify weeks ago in front of the Public Service Commission regarding her time working on the failed VC Summer expansion project.

While she made her way to the stand on Tuesday, Walker says she was reluctant to testify before because she didn’t want to relive what she calls the most “traumatic” and “stressful” time of her life.

Walker was the Former SCANA VP of Nuclear of Finance Administration, and she didn’t hesitate to say how she felt during Tuesday’s hearing.

“I hold Kevin Marsh, Jimmy Addison, Steve Burn, Marty Phalen, and, Jeff Archie, all responsible for what happened to me and for what for happened at that project,” Walker said. “Their ego, greed, and lack of integrity have cost ratepayers, stockholders and employees billions of dollars.”

Walker didn’t hold back when telling commissioners what she thought went wrong at the failed VC Summer project.

She says it wasn’t difficult to realize that the project had serious issues with the construction schedule, and accused SCANA higher-ups of coming up with a conspiracy to oust her from the company because she was unwilling to lie about the progress of the project for the company.

“I came to the worst reality of my life that Kevin Marsh was nothing more than a worthless liar because he was only seeking a way to silence me,” Walker said.

Former senior engineer Kenneth Browne also took the stand, at one point getting emotional when remembering the day he found out Westinghouse had filed for bankruptcy after his departure from SCE&G.

“I could not escape the guilt knowing that I had participated in what was sure to become the largest financial catastrophe to occur in the state,” Browne said.

Browne says he knew he did his best to try and highlight issues with the project, but that the guilt still weighed on him.

SCE&G attorneys pulled up some emails Carlette Walker sent former CEO Kevin Marsh and a human resources rep. In those emails, she attributed her stress to health issues her husband was dealing with, but she says that was just “creative writing,” she was using to keep her job and her health insurance.

During Tuesday’s proceedings, the Virginia based energy company, Dominion Energy, sent in an updated version of one of their SCANA merger proposals to the commission. They’re planning to have a witness come back in on Wednesday to formally present that.

The Public Service Commission meetings can be watched live here.

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