Community gathers to discuss lawsuit against city of Denmark

Community gathers to discuss lawsuit against city of Denmark

DENMARK, SC (WIS) - Deanna Miller-Berry began asking questions about the drinking water in Denmark in 2017.

The city and state said the water is safe to drink.

Today, she’s in the audience of a meeting with attorneys and citizens of Denmark concerned with their drinking water.

“It’s not a problem. It’s a crisis,” she said.

According to a class action lawsuit filed last week, the city used a chemical not approved by the EPA to be used in drinking water. HaloSan is used to treat pools and spas the lawsuit says.

Miller-Berry said, “We’re outraged that they didn’t research this product, even more, to say how is this going to affect our people.”

DHEC says the chemical is okay to use according to the American National Standards Institute and National Sanitary Foundation. It is known HaloSan tablets were used at the Cox Mill Well for iron bacteria.

“Did they understand what the true purpose of the HaloSan was for?” Miller-Berry asked.

The city closed the well in August according to DHEC.

The lawsuit says a 2007 EPA study showed HaloSan can cause eye and skin irritation.

Now the citizens want answers. “We’re organized now and we’re going to stand and we’re going to fight and we’re not going to stop until we get a water treatment plant facility,” Miller-Berry said.

DHEC says the National Sanitary Foundation has numerous approved products containing the same active ingredients as HaloSan.

We have reached out to the city for a comment on the lawsuit.

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