Columbia Gives Back: Groups hand out full Thanksgiving meals to homeless in Finlay Park

Columbia Gives Back: Groups hand out full Thanksgiving meals to homeless in Finlay Park

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Folks in Columbia look out for one another.

That’s why Allen Browning, who’s been homeless himself, has worked with his family to set up a group called Hearts for the Homeless.

They want to make sure that anyone who might not have access to a home-cooked meal gets a full Thanksgiving dinner.

“It’s Thanksgiving, it’s the season of giving,” Browning said. “I’ll always be transparent and let them know that I came from right here. Sometimes, people just need to know that you love them. So today is a day of love!”

But Browning’s not the only one in this city with a big heart, a completely separate family came out to help feed the homeless for lunch while our WIS 10 crew were out at Finlay Park.

“Columbia cares about those that are misfortuned,” said Patricia B., who came out with her daughter and god-daughter to hand out plates.

And then…another group showed up to hand out even more Thanksgiving plates, and winter clothes!

“We feel like if we give back, blessings are showered down on us, but if we give back, blessings will be showered down on other people,” said Trent M., who told our crews his group hands out plates every year.

Last year the US Interagency on Homelessness estimated about 4,000 homeless people living in South Carolina, but groups like these are letting this community know that someone cares.

“People down here don’t want to be here,” Browning said. “They want to go to another level in life, and I can’t help everybody, but the people that I can help. I’m going to help.”

Browning is hoping to get a grant from the City of Columbia to open up a day shelter, to make sure that this community is properly served.

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