SC mom claims her daughter was ‘drugged’ with laced brownie during school

SC mom claims her daughter was ‘drugged’ with laced brownie during school

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - A Richland County mother is concerned for her daughter’s safety after she claims her daughter was given a brownie that was laced with an illegal substance during study hall at Richland Northeast High School late last week.

The mother says the incident happened on Nov. 16 when her daughter was in study hall with other students who were also eating them. The mom says her daughter did not know they contained an illegal substance and later started hallucinating and became delusional.

A incident report from the Richland County Sheriff’s Department by the school resource officer says that the student’s mother called 911 saying her daughter was drugged at school. The student, who was said to be giving answers to questions that “didn’t seem coherent or altogether clear,” said a female in the class had given her a brownie “prior to her [name redacted] beginning to feel strange.”

The incident report goes on to say that the student’s mother called the SRO to confirmed a positive test for something while being examined at the hospital.

When reached for comment Friday, a Richland School District Two spokesperson said officials would look into the claims. On Monday, the school district’s spokesperson released a full statement, saying:

"On Friday, November 16, 2018, the School Resource Officer at Richland Northeast High began working with school administrators to investigate a report that a student brought food laced with an illegal substance to school and gave the food to another student.

Richland Northeast High School administrators continue to fully cooperate with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department to investigate the incident. Pending the outcome of the investigation, any appropriate discipline and legal consequences will be administered following district procedures and board policy.

Providing a safe learning environment for all students in Richland School District Two includes drug-free prevention initiatives. The Project CARE Coalition, the districts Drug-Free Communities (DFC) grantee, works to prevent and reduce substance use among youth. This includes providing alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) education to students and staff."

Project CAREs annual youth leadership training, designed for middle and high school students, helps youth implement and promote drug-free prevention activities in their schools and community. It also equips students with the necessary skills to encourage their peers to lead healthy lifestyles.

Prevention activities are incorporated within existing student clubs/groups, highlighted during Red Ribbon Week, holiday seasons, alcohol awareness month, and prom and graduation season."

Professional development is provided to Richland Two staff as well. Our Learning Support Services department, which consists of school counselors, social workers, nurses, and psychologists receive ATOD training to enhance their skills in dealing with students who may be using or experimenting with drugs."

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