Tri-County Electric Co-Op customers will vote on new board Saturday

Tri-County Electric Co-Op customers will vote on new board Saturday

ST. MATTHEWS, SC (WIS) - On Saturday, Tri-County Electric Cooperative customers will vote for a whole new board of trustees.

In August, nearly 1,500 people voted to get rid of all nine board members. This time, voters will head to the Tri-County Headquarters in St. Matthews for a special member meeting. There, customers will be able to register and vote for a whole new board and choose from 48 different candidates.

After customers began complaining over the summer about excessive compensation for Tri-County board members, an election was held where 1,452 people voted to get rid of the board. Only 30 voted against their firing.

Community members say what they were able to accomplish by taking action and ousting the board, shows how effective your vote can be. Now that it’s time to select a new board of trustees, voters say they don’t want to see a repeat of what happened last time.

Helen Bradley has helped to organize meet-and-greets with the candidates and considers herself a community advocate.

“There are good people that are running for these positions and hopefully we have expressed our concerns to them that they realize that we want the honesty," Bradley said. "We want the transparency and it’s about getting the business done for the people and not have any personal interests.”

On Saturday, from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., customers will have the opportunity to vote for nine new board members in each of the nine districts represented.

The meeting will happen at the Tri-County Headquarters in Saint Matthews.

For a list of the 48 candidates on the ballot, click here.

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