My Take: Guns being found in schools needs to stop

My Take: Guns being found in schools needs to stop

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - When you hear the words “gun” and “school” in the same sentence, it immediately elicits a feeling of panic.

Especially if you are a parent. This week alone, we have seen two instances of guns being discovered in South Carolina schools. Unfortunately, these incidents ARE happening too often - even once is too much.

On Tuesday, an incident at Newberry High School was particularly frightening. Authorities say a gun and a magazine fell out of a student’s backpack during class.

The teacher took quick and decisive action to protect others. Authorities say the student took off before eventually being taken into custody. No shots were fired and no one was hurt, but nerves were rattled.

One of Governor Henry McMaster’s big campaign promises was to make sure a school resource officer is in every public school in the state. Legislators have been working toward that goal.

The General Assembly recently set aside two million dollars in the budget for new officers. It’s one step in a larger goal. Our leaders need to make upgrading school security a top priority each and every year as part of the budget.

Even if that goal is met, let’s face the facts - simply having an SRO is not going to guarantee violence won’t happen at school. That ONE person can’t cover an entire campus at all times.

It takes vigilance by teachers, students, staff and parents, just like we saw from the teacher at Newberry High School.

Report anything you see or hear that’s suspicious or threatening, whether it be in casual conversation or on social media. It may sound like excessive action for what probably amounts to idle chatter.

But in this climate, we can’t afford to take any chances.

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