Year of the Veteran: The Doctor’s Sacrifice

Year of the Veteran: The Doctor’s Sacrifice

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - For those of you in the military, you know there are sacrifices you make in order to serve. Also making sacrifices, the family members who have to face the day-to-day logistics of life and the emotional effects.

In our Year of the Veteran coverage, we show how serving our country also means sacrifices for those holding down the home front.

Love of God, family and country mark the life of Dr. Richard Webb, a general surgeon at Lexington Medical Center. Committed to all three, his time is stretched. And when duty calls for serving his country, it means his loved ones also have to sacrifice.

“It was very difficult. Very challenging. Very emotional.” Dr. Webb twice served our country in Afghanistan.

Each stint with the Army was five months. He was a general surgeon in Operation Enduring Freedom earning the Combat Medical Badge for providing surgical care while being engaged by the enemy. He then served as a general surgeon in Operation Freedom Sentinel. “

It’s not just the person, individual, what he’s going through, it’s also how it affects your family back home. That absence.” Each time Dr. Webb was called overseas, he and his wife, Beth, had just had a baby.

In fact, when their second daughter was born, he had to leave only five days later.

Dr. Webb says military members deserve great appreciation -and- so do those on the home front.

Trying to explain to young children why daddy or mommy has to go away for a long time. And also trying to temper, to give an honest explanation as to what the parent is doing overseas, but also to explain enough not to frighten a child.
Dr. Richard Webb

During the time Dr. Webb worked at Walter Reed Military Medical Center, he treated wounded warriors and heard their graphic firsthand accounts of the sacrifices made in war zones.

It was very sobering to sort of have a self-reflection and say, you know, ‘do I have that much sense of honor and duty and that sense of sacrifice to truly run into fire or to truly put someone else’s life in front of yours regardless of the consequences.’”
Dr. Richard Webb

Sacrifices from our military members and the families who serve as their active support system. Both deserving of accolades.

“In short, the amount of respect I have for them is overwhelming,” he said.

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