Voters decide they want Sunday alcohol sales in Calhoun County

Voters decide they want Sunday alcohol sales in Calhoun County

ST. MATTHEWS, SC (WIS) - Change is coming for those who wish to buy alcohol on Sunday in one Midlands county.

Voters in Calhoun County on Tuesday made the decision to allow sales. They voted yes to two questions.

Voters approved allowing liquor to be sold on Sunday outside of the 2 a.m. - 10 a.m. time range. This would include establishments like restaurant and bars.

Resident also chose to allow all-day beer and wine sales on Sunday by places like convenience stores and supermarkets.

Calhoun County Council Chairman David Summers said this was brought to the voters in order to give businesses a chance to compete not only in Calhoun County, but in neighboring counties.

Nearby counties like Richland, Lexington, and Orangeburg already allow Sunday alcohol sales.

The move would open the doors for Calhoun County businesses who have a Sunday alcohol sale business model to take in more revenue if they choose.

Boyd McLeod, business owner and president of Calhoun Oil, believes this will increase his store revenue and promote business growth in the county.

“I think as the county grows, especially in the upper part of the county closer to Lexington and Richland County where we’re seeing a lot of industrial investment, that you will start to see more restaurants more groceries, more convenience stores and it’ll just add to the tax base that we have here in Calhoun County,” said McLeod.

He said his stores saw increased revenue in his Orangeburg County when Sunday alcohol sales were allowed there two years ago. McLeod said that might translate to Calhoun County.

“We saw an uptick of approximately five percent depending on the store, but it’ll add to the state excise tax, which goes to the general fund and also to the sales tax which comes back to Calhoun County,” said McLeod. “We’ll be bringing some of those dollars that may have been going to Orangeburg County back into Calhoun County."

City officials and the Department of Revenue have not yet set a time table on when people will be able to buy alcohol on Sundays.

There are several steps that need to take place, including new permits being issued to businesses who wish to be a part of Sunday sales.

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