Midlands residents say they fear mass shootings could become the new normal

Midlands residents say they fear mass shootings could become the new normal

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - With back-to-back mass shootings in less than two weeks, the impacts are beings felt across the nation including here in the Midlands.

Many in the Vista say they have been more cautious about when and where they go out.

“I’m just like kind of sad for our country. It makes me really upset to hear about this kind of stuff,” local student, Madeline Littlefield said.

With nearly two dozen people killed in less than two weeks in two separate mass shooting incidents here in the U.S., some in the Midlands say they’re beginning to think this may be the new norm.

“It definitely should make you think a little bit harder about where you go, what you’re doing. Make sure you know what’s going on around you. Be cautious,” Littlefield said.

Karl de la Guerra, the founder and CEO of KDI Protective Services of South Carolina, says no place is immune to gun violence.

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“It was a country bar. It was a popular country bar there in Thousand Oaks that was doing line dancing on college night. Not the type of location that you would think would be stereotypical for an active shooter. Yet again, here it occurs,” de la Guerra said.

De la Guerra offers protective services training throughout the Palmetto State.

“People shouldn’t have a sense of fear about them. They should have a sense of vigilance about them,” he said.

When it comes to gun rights, Littlefield says her feelings remain the same. She says while we need to regulate who can buy guns, she doesn’t feel the right to bear arms should be taken away.

“It’s in the Constitution. It’s our right by Americans,” she said.

“Security begins as an individual choice. A person has to make a decision if they want to increase their personal security or not and it’s not all about carrying a gun. It has to do, first and foremost, with being vigilant about your area, being aware of your surroundings,” de la Guerra said.

He also recommends that you always check out your surroundings. For example, he says if you go to a night club be sure and take the extra time to walk around and find all the exits.

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