My Take: Another mass shooting has happened again

My Take: Another mass shooting has happened again

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It has happened again.

Another senseless tragedy has left multiple victims dead. A shooting rampage at a synagogue in Pittsburgh over the weekend ended with 11 lives lost and a community forever changed.

Investigators say a gunman, fueled by hate, decided to take his anger out on defenseless worshippers.

According to the anti-defamation league, there has been a dramatic spike in anti-semitic incidents, up nearly 60 percent in recent years. They include assaults, harassment, and vandalism.

As is always the case when these horrible acts happen, people are quick to assign blame. And, as is also always the case, there is talk about gun control or arming more people.

Regardless of your opinion, there is no defense for walking into a sanctuary and slaughtering innocent people.

South Carolinians know all too well the pain people in Pittsburgh are feeling right now.

The shooting at Mother Emanuel AME in Charleston was more than three years ago, yet the shootings and extreme displays of hate and violence continue.

We have to ask ourselves - why does this keep happening and can anything be done?

Sadly, we don’t have that answer, but we should consider these words of one man as he visited a Holocaust Museum after the shooting.

It is up to us to not become desensitized or allow the events of last weekend fade from our minds. In the coming days, WIS will have an open discussion of issues with members of the community.

We will talk about what drives the feelings of hate some harbor and the role we can play in addressing potential timebombs before they go off.

In the meantime, let’s hope for some peace, love, and understanding before another life is lost.

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