‘This is a proactive step:’ West Columbia business offers active shooter simulation training for church members

Simulations provide active shooter training

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - In the wake of the deadly Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting that took eleven lives, one West Columbia business is stepping up and offering active shooter training for churches.

Precision Tactics is a firearm and safety defense training company that helps people to be physically and mentally prepared in the event of an active shooting.

They offer an active shooting simulation that allows people to feel the adrenaline of what it would be like if a real attack occurred.

“The common thought is that it won’t happen here. That’s what everyone thinks. I’m never going to be assaulted, I’m never going to be involved in an active shooting situation until that event occurs,” Zack Christie, Owner of Precision Tactics said.

The training takes trainees through a high-intensity active shooter scenario projected on a large screen.

“Our goal is to raise your anxiety, raise your stress, so that if you ever need to defend yourself or someone or your family or your friends or even out in public, you’re able to do that more efficiently and effectively,” Christie said. “It brings in the realism of the event and the sense of I’ve actually seen something similar to what I might face so I’m more prepared for it."

Christie said they run churches through a full curriculum that is approved by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

The system allows people to feel the emotional and mental response that would happen given in an active shooter situation.

Christie said they want to train people how to protect those they love most and decrease the loss of life in the event of an attack.

Since the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, more churches around the Midlands have asked to go through the simulation Christie said.

“It’s not saying that everything is foolproof and that nobody is going to die, nobody is going to get shot. No. This is a proactive step to reducing the amount of response time,” Christie said.

The company also sent out a church security PDF manual to synagogues in the Midlands.

The training is to encourage people to feel confidence instead of fear, so if they ever find themselves in a shooting, they’re not going to freeze and will know how to respond.

The company believes in training anyone with a firearm to be safe and responsible in a high-intensity situation.

Christie says they are the only company to offer this type of training and is available for armed and unarmed security teams.

Training services may also make you eligible for discounts on insurance.

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