‘This is what we were hoping for.’ Family of Heather Elvis reacts to guilty verdict

Heather Elvis' family says they'll never have closure until they know where Heather is and what...
Heather Elvis' family says they'll never have closure until they know where Heather is and what happened to her. (Source: Drew Hansen WMBF)
Updated: Oct. 23, 2018 at 6:58 PM EDT
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CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The last 16 days have been anything but easy for the family of Heather Elvis as they sat through the trial of the woman who kidnapped Heather, Tammy Moorer.

A jury found Moorer guilty of kidnapping and conspiring to kidnap Heather Elvis Tuesday. A judge sentenced her to 30 years in prison.

The family of Heather Elvis spoke with the media following the guilty verdict and the sentencing.

They say they have mixed feelings about the result.

“We’re not sure how we feel,” Heather’s mother Debbi Elvis said. “I feel like I’m living somebody else’s life. It doesn’t feel real. We’ve been waiting for this for so long. This is what we were hoping for. It doesn’t feel like closure, but it does feel like we’re so much closer to finding Heather that because this is so big, I’m hoping that it has an influence on the entire rest of the case.”

Heather’s sister Morgan says she doesn’t appreciate it when people use the word “was” when talking about her sister, because she still has hope that Heather is still out there somewhere.

“Heather was not a nice girl, she is still a nice girl,” Morgan Elvis said. “She is still a daughter. She is still a sister. She is still a best friend. She wasn’t anything. She is and currently will be. And we will continue to share her story, and nobody should ever have the right to say ‘was’ about anybody who is missing, who has disappeared from your life, because they are still relevant. And they are still the center of our lives.”

After the verdict, Tammy Moorer had the chance to speak to the judge in the courtroom. She said she is an advocate for Heather, and she said she wishes she knew what happened to Heather.

That comment didn’t sit well with the Elvis family.

“She knows where Heather is,” Debbi Elvis said. “She knows what happened to Heather, and she needs to tell what happened to Heather.”

“Just the fact that she said that and she said that she was an advocate, that’s the fairytale right there,” Terry Elvis said.

“It felt like an attack,” Debbi said. “When it came out of her mouth to me, it felt like a stab that she was rubbing in our face, that she knew where Heather was, but she was claiming to be her advocate.”

The Elvis family also said they know this is far from over as they still have to go through another trial for Sidney Moorer since his trial was declared a mistrial.

The Elvis family says they will never truly have closure until they find out where Heather is and what happened to her.

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