Mega Millions jackpot raises to $1 billion ahead of Friday night drawing

One lucky winner may have a chance to take home one of the largest jackpots in Mega Millions

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - One lucky winner may have a chance to take home one of the largest jackpots in Mega Millions history!

The drawing will take place Friday night, and the jackpot is at a whopping one billion dollars.

The cash out option is $565 Million.

While many are feeling lucky and hopeful they’ll be a billion dollars richer, that’s not all.

This money is also a big win for South Carolina Education.

“A jackpot like this could mean an additional five million dollars or more for education, said Holi Armstrong with the South Carolina Education Lottery.

Roughly 43 cents per dollar spent on a Mega Millions ticket directly supports education in South Carolina.

“That goes to fund things like college scholarships, K-12 education, and county libraries. So if we don’t have a winner tonight which we certainly hope we do education in South Carolina wins regardless.” Armstrong said.

With a billion dollar jackpot at stake, it’s no surprise people are eagerly buying tickets, dreaming about what they would do if they win.

Lari Londino, a first time Mega Millions player said she donates money to charity along with “Pay off my debts and everyone else’s debts and get everybody a house and a nice car. And a Ferrari.”

Some say beginners luck could be their ticket to winning it all.

“It’s real high right now so I want to try and take advantage of it.” Kevin Rountree, a Mega Million player said. “It’s my first time playing so usually first time players usually they win so I’m gonna try it”

So what do you do if you do have the winning ticket?

Here are some tips that you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Sign the back of the ticket.
  • Put it in a safe location.
  • Speak with a trusted financial advisor or a lawyer to manage the money.
  • In South Carolina, if you do win the jackpot you have the option to remain anonymous.
  • You will have 180 days from the drawing to cash in the ticket to claim your money.

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