Bond set for Lexington man involved in standoff, facing hit-and-run, meth charges

Lexington man involved in 5-hour standoff facing hit-and-run, meth charges

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) -A bond hearing was held at the Lexington County Bond Court for 28-year-old Matthew Johns on Thursday. Johns was arrested on multiple charges Wednesday after barricading himself inside a home on Conventry Drive for five hours.

He is facing charges that include possession of methamphetamine, a hit-and-run, failure to stop for a blue light, reckless driving along with driving with a suspended license. The judge said he is a danger to the community.

He was given a cash surety bond totaling $41,710 dollars. The judge is also requiring a GPS monitor to be placed on his ankle.

According to Judge Johnson, Johns also failed to appear in court and failed to pay a traffic ticket once before.

Officers say after five hours of negotiation, an emergency team deployed gas into the home, forcing Johns out where he surrendered to authorities. He was not arrested for the standoff, police were there for his other charges.

During this time, Coventry Drive was barricaded off. One neighbor WIS spoke with filmed what she could see on her cell phone. She described the scene like a military training site.

“It (smoke) was just pouring out of the windows of the garage like just tons and tons of smoke,” Skye Kinder, who lives across the street from Johns said. “We kept hearing them call for him to come out over and over again.”

Kinder tells WIS it was nerve wrecking to watch.

“We just didn’t expect this to go this long, and of course the longer it goes on the more we worry about worst case scenario,” Kinder said.

Johns' next court appearance is Dec 13 at 9 a.m.

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