Midlands veteran hopes for help with sinkholes after Tropical Storm Michael

Midlands veteran hopes for help with sinkholes after Tropical Storm Michael

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - As wind and rain made its way to the Midlands from Tropical Storm Michael, some residents say it caused already existing house problems to become even worse.

One homeowner who lives in the Whitehall Subdivision is experiencing those problems firsthand.

Danny Rooks is a veteran and moved into this home about a year ago.

Besides debris left along his property, there are two sink holes in his backyard that have been there for roughly six months.

While Tropical Storm Michael did not cause the sinkholes, Rooks tells WIS the rainfall from Michael only made matters worse.

Rooks said he has fallen into the sinkhole on two different occasions, which sent him to the hospital.

“My legs [were] real scratched up and I was bleeding pretty bad so I had to call somebody to take me to the doctor and at that time they issued me to go to the hospital to get seen because I’m a diabetic, insulin dependent and I was really upset, my sugar skyrocketed and I was hoping that I could get help but I can’t seem to find help,” Rooks said.

The small but deep hole is easy to miss causing major concern for this family.

“He’s out here by himself during the day trying to cut down trees and getting the yard looking right,” Danny’s daughter, Garnett Rooks said. “I’m at work so there’s no way he can get in touch with me if something were to happen, you know, it kind of makes me feel a little nervous and scared for his safety.”

Besides the medical issues Rooks faced, another concern is having holes in his backyard with his grandchildren around.

For now, Rooks is looking for help, and is hopeful this issue can be resolved.

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