Meet Markell, Newberry’s king of the ‘Castle’

Meet Markell, Newberry’s king of the ‘Castle’

NEWBERRY, SC (WIS) - From day one, Newberry knew it had something special in a wide receiver, Markell Castle.

“As a redshirt freshman on the scout team,” head coach Todd Knight said. “We could not stop him! Markell, week in and week out at practice, was better than what we were seeing on Saturday’s as a freshman.”

Castle’s proven to be as good as advertised. As a senior this season, Castle’s on pace to finish his Wolves career in the top two of every major receiving category in program history.

“It’s a great honor,” Castle said.

Castle’s confidence in his performance comes from his head coach Todd Knight.

“He always says I’m the best receiver in the conference,” Castle added. “Have that mentality. Think that way.”

The 5′10″ undersized Castle plays like a KING on the field.

“Is it expected? Yes,” said Knight confidently. “But, when the kid takes a reverse and makes four or five people miss, then takes it for 50 or 60, yeah, I’m just sitting there scratching my head, going god I knew he’s good, but what a great player.”

Knight believes Castle deserves a shot at the next level; whether it be in the NFL or CFL.

“Take a look at the New England Patriots,” said Knight. “You say ok; the kid has got a shot. Half the team is his size, and they’re beating everybody. He will be that next guy at the next level.”

Castle certainly has those next level dreams.

“I’m just going to work hard,” said Castle. “[I’ll] hopefully get the opportunity. If I get my foot in the door, I feel like I’ll make the best of it.”

For now, his focus remains on helping Wolves win games in his final at Newberry.

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