Woman captures sound of gunfire in video of Florence Co. shooting that killed officer, injured several others

A police officer died and several others were injured in a shooting Wednesday in Florence County.
A police officer died and several others were injured in a shooting Wednesday in Florence County.
Published: Oct. 4, 2018 at 9:27 AM EDT
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FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Many families near the scene in west Florence where eight people, including seven law enforcement officers, were shot Wednesday afternoon heard sirens and shots.

Shannon McGurn says the home where the shootings happened backs up to her neighborhood. She says what began as a typical Wednesday ended as anything but.

"We got home from work and picking up my daughter,” McGurn says. “We were playing in the backyard, and we heard probably two to three gunshots."

McGurn says she didn’t think much of those first few shots because there’s a field nearby where she hears gunshots every now and then. “It was about 30 minutes after the initial three shots. It was—it literally sounded like fireworks.” That’s when McGurn started shooting video. You can also hear her baby crying. Her baby girl is just 19-months-old.

“You have the temptation to look outside, through the window, but again, with her, I mean that’s the last one I want near the window." McGurn says a lot was running through her head in those moments. “You know there’s that fear of ‘Are they on foot? Are they going to come here?' I mean, you just don’t know.” McGurn says this is one of those scenarios where you’d never think it’d happen near you. But it did. And when police officers are involved, she can’t help but get sad. “My heart just goes out to everyone that was affected, in the home…the officers especially, and their families and their coworkers.”

McGurn says her father is a highway patrolman based in Columbia, so this situation definitely hits home for her.

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