Beekeepers remove massive honeycomb from behind brick on house

Beekeepers remove massive honeycomb from behind brick on house
The honeycomb removed from the side of the home. (Source: The Bartlett Bee Whisperer)

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - Beekeepers removed an enormous honeycomb from a house in Germantown.

The Bartlett Bee Whisperer shared their experience with the bees on social media. They were forced to remove the bricks from the side of the home in order to move the bees.

The honeycomb itself was close in size to the window directly above it.

David Glover has earned his title of Bartlett Bee Whisperer.

"I've been doing this for nine years," Glover said.

He's had his fair share of buzzing jobs, but the one in Germantown last week was a sticky job to say the least.

Glover removed more than 30,000 honeybees from the side of a house, and it took him nearly five hours to get the job done.

"About three times my size side to side,” Glover said. Glover posted video along with pictures of the honey comb on his Facebook page.

"This post went nuts,” Glover said.

It now has thousands of shares and comments.

Every once in a while I get a call that makes me cringe. Sometimes the bees are way up high, and sometimes it's bricks....

Posted by The Bartlett Bee Whisperer on Friday, September 28, 2018

The beekeeper said they don’t usually remove bricks unless they have to, but the homeowner was more than glad to have the honeycomb removed.

The bees were relocated back to their hive.

The homeowner told him the bees had been there for about two years and nothing was working.

"My goal isn't just to get paid to take bees out of houses, but to actually relocate a colony and put them back into agriculture,” Glover said.

The bees are now living in Glover's backyard until he finds a more permanent and suitable home for them.

“It could be a farmer who needs them for pollination,” Glover said. “It could be one of our honey producers.”

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