Family For Life: Kyra’s Story

Family For Life: Meet Kyra

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - If you feel like Kyra’s sweet spirit jumps off the page, I can tell you it is only magnified in person. She is a little girl with a huge heart.

There’s so much Kyra wants to see and do. She just needs a family to share the journey with.

At the Mad Platter Fine Arts Studio, as she browses through the figurines and momentos, she falls in love with the hedgehog because, “I don’t know … just love hedgehogs.”

As she picks up a palette and makes her color selections while picking out mine it is clear Kyra is no amateur. With some expert advice from artist Emily Bridgers, we get started on our masterpieces.

“Kinda separate them and just do like green, purple, blue," she said while creating her masterpiece. “His face I’m going to do the brown two and then his nose I’m going to do a pink, a bubblegum pink?”

As we paint, we talk.

The sixth grader is a scholarly student who makes almost straights A’s and loves a great debate. “Lots of people tell me I should be a judge or lawyer," Kyra said. She even finds time to be on the volleyball team.

She would also describe herself as a movie buff, pet lover, and roller coaster aficionado. “One time I was at the Furious 7 times in one day,” she said.

She has dreams of traveling one day. “I would like to travel to Arkansas because I was born there and I don’t remember anything from when I was there,” she said.

After spending 3 years in foster care, she really wants to be adopted but tries not to worry about it.

“Guess I’m not that worried about it,” she said. She believes when it’s meant to be, it will happen.

But as we start to talk about her art teacher I notice her light up with joy. “My art teacher is a beekeeper and she has adopted a child too,” she said. “One time she paid for a kid she didn’t even know, she paid through his whole way of college.”

Kyra has two sisters, 17 and 18, that she values keeping in touch with. She also hopes to have younger siblings or at least someone around her age to hang out with one day.

And with that Kyra invites me to help finish painting her hedgehog. It’s a sweet reminder that kids have so much weighing on their hearts that they’re willing to share. You just have to find a place to start.

If you or someone you know has a heart for adoption, call 1 (888) 828-3555 to speak with an adoption specialist to find out more about about Kyra or any of the other children in our state waiting to be adopted.

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