My Take: Weeks after arrival, Florence left flooding, damage in SC

My Take: Weeks after arrival, Florence left flooding, damage in SC
Fix a Friend Spay and Neuter Clinic flooded after Hurricane Florence.

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It has been two weeks since the devastating Hurricane Florence rocked the Carolinas. It was days of furious rain and incredible uncertainty for hundreds of thousands.

However, since the storm moved out, life has moved on for most in the Midlands. The sun has returned, football games are being played again and community events have resumed. Pretty much life as normal.

But for others outside the central part of the state, a nightmare continues. Homes remain underwater, buildings are destroyed and families are wondering what they will do next.

In the days following Florence’s immediate impact, WIS teamed up with the American Red Cross to help those affected. Thanks to you, nearly 43 thousand dollars was raised to help in recovery efforts. And the need remains great.

“There’s a human need for people to want to help and they tend to try to bring stuff to the shelters and when that happens over and over again, it starts crowding out the shelters so the best way people can help is through financial donations, the gift of time and the gift of life through a blood donation,” Gail J. McGovern, president and CEO of American Red Cross.

If you have the time or the opportunity to help, we encourage you to do so. Consider reaching out to the American Red Cross, Harvest Hope Food Bank, and the One Fund SC, among others.

And as we enter another weekend, keep the victims of this storm in your thoughts as they try to rebuild their lives.

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