Quotes from Gov. Mark Sanford

Gov. Sanford on the Stimulus Bill:

"Does it provide a temporary fix? Yeah. But may it put us into a bigger hole going forward? Possibly, yeah to that too."

"If you were to fall and break your leg right now, they could give you shots so that you wouldn't feel that broken leg. But guess what? You try and stand up on it, you may not feel it but you are just going to do more damage to the leg."

"If you can't even pay for the benefits you currently offer, how in the world are you going to expand benefits and pay for those. It's sort of a Catch-22. We have to take care of the existing problems on the table, before we accept more."

Gov. Sanford on More Cuts to the budget:

"Are we going to see more cuts to education and or Medicaid? I suspect we will. Because I don't think we are out of the woods in terms of the national slowdown. It's going to impact us here in South Carolina. It goes back to the point I've been raising for six years. Do not get ahead of yourself in regards to spending. We did so as a state, now we are going to suffer the consequences."

Gov. Sanford on the Cigarette Tax:

"By all means, lets raise the cigarette tax. But let's have an offset some other place so that you don't raise the net tax load."

Gov. Sanford on Rep. James Clyburn:

"Do we disagree? Yeah. Doesn't mean I don't care about people. I think I very much do care about people and I care about their finances and what their pocket book or wallet will look like, not just for the next 24 months, but the next 36 and 48."

"I don't think he speaks for all black people, anymore than I speak for all white people. we can legitimately have differences as fellow Americans, but to reduce the argument to black versus white, I think is a real mistake."

"Those Americans dreams aren't restricted to white dreams versus black dreams. Their under the big umbrella of the American dream that we were all promised. Is it an imperfect dream at part? Absolutely. Does it need to be more perfected? Absolutely. But I don't think we should Ever Fall prey to saying we are speaking to whites or blacks or Hispanics or Chinese. At the end of the day, we are speaking for Americans."