Perspective: WIS editorial on the recession in South Carolina

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Two hundred and seven thousand, that's the staggering number of South Carolinians who were looking for work in December as the state's unemployment rate hit 9.5%. It could hit double digits for January.

That should be a wakeup call for those of us lucky enough to have a job. Our jobs may not be safe, either, and we should be doing all we can to keep them. Could you improve your job performance to have the best chance of surviving a layoff?

There are no guarantees, but here's some time-tested advice: in positive ways, stand out from your co-workers; show up on time, well-dressed, and ready to give your all every day; don't complain about the petty stuff; be a leader or team builder; accept offers to cross-train and look for new ways to achieve success for you and your boss.

If any good can come from our nation's current economic crisis, it could be an improvement in our collective work ethic. If you're unemployed right now, you have our sympathy. It can't be easy. If you have a job, take it seriously. When it comes to unemployment, no one is immune.  It's up to us workers to help our employers to thrive and help lead them to prosperity -- for everyone's sake. That's my perspective. I'd like to hear from you.