Perspective: WIS Editorial on the Big Switch Deadline - - Columbia, South Carolina

by General Manager Donita Todd

Perspective: WIS Editorial on the Big Switch Deadline

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - For nearly two years, we've been telling you about "The Big Switch" to digital television.  The date was February 17th -- next Tuesday.  But now, Congress and the President have changed the date to June 12th. 

We realize that viewers who only use cable or satellite to watch TV may be tired of all the warnings by now.  So may those of you who have already upgraded by getting a digital TV or a converter box. But the federal government is concerned about millions of American homes that surveys show are still not ready for digital. Another complication is that the government program to provide $40 discount coupons for converter boxes ran out of money.

You may know that some Columbia TV stations are sticking with the February 17th date to shut down their analog signals.  WIS and three other stations here in Columbia will wait until June 12th. So if you still watch us over the air on an analog TV, don't wait until you lose your favorite stations.  Upgrade your TV, get cable or satellite, or get a converter box.

You can get on a waiting list for coupons by calling 888-DTV-2009.

The Big Switch is going to happen.  And the sooner everyone is ready, the sooner we can stop talking about it! That's my perspective.  I'd like to hear from you!

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