Cornelius Richardson

Cornelius "Cornbread" Richardson, courtesy Cayce DPS
Cornelius "Cornbread" Richardson, courtesy Cayce DPS

CAYCE, SC (WIS) - Cayce police admit their error let one of the Midlands' Most Wanted out of jail.
Now they're looking for your help to catch him again.

Cayce police say 20-year-old Cornelius Richardson, who goes by the nickname 'Cornbread,' led police on a wild car chase and was arrested.

But now he's back on the street, because police say he used a fake name and bonded out.

"Lots of times people give false information. Often times we catch it before they do get out, in this situation he just got lucky," says Lt. Jeff Simmons.

Lucky to be back on the street. Police say Cornbread is a dangerous individual who needs to be behind bars.

"He's been charged with assault charges in the past and charges involving drugs and guns," says Simmons.

Police say on the night of December 19, Richardson was speeding through Cayce with a passenger in his car.

When an officer tried to pull him over, police say Richardson drove off road.

"Driving through people's backyard at a high rate of speed," says Simmons.

With a police car following right behind him, police say Richardson drove his car through the woods and into a yard. Then they say he and his passenger jumped out of the vehicle and let the car run into the corner of a nearby house.

"Could have potentially injured somebody severely," says Simmons.

After a foot chase, police arrested Richardson. His passenger got away.

And that's when the confusion started.

Police say when Cornbread was booked, he used the name of his cousin to identify himself.

"He said he was someone else and he had a relative cooperate his false information, bonding him out of jail," says Simmons.

Police say by the time they realized their error, Cornbread was long gone. Now they're worried what he'll get into.

"I'm convinced that he'll be committing more crimes as we speak," says Simmons.

Police believe Cornbread is hiding in the areas of Columbia, West Columbia, Cayce or Swansea. If you see him, call 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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Reported by Jordan Sandler

Posted by Logan Smith