Perspective: WIS editorial on a Christmas message

An ancient story from the Bible carries a lesson for us today, and at the Christmas season, I'd like to share some thoughts with you from a devotional I read in "The Upper Room." What if the IRS decided that all adults should be required to return to their hometowns to pay taxes?  We would call it unreasonable, at best.  In a similar vein, I'm sure Mary and Joseph grumbled as they made their way to Bethlehem.  As the New Testament describes it, the road was difficult; they were tired; they had left behind all that was familiar in Nazareth.  Their future was uncertain; they were poor and inexperienced when it came to marriage and parenting.  Where would they stay in Bethlehem?  How long would they have to be there?  Every step toward the future brought anxiety.  But there was good news to come.  We know that now, but they didn't know that then.  They had to trust.  In the midst of change and chaos in today's world, there can be good news for us as well. For many of us, change is difficult, whether it is huge or small.  But in my perspective, there is hope for us as individuals, as families and as the human race.  In this season of miracles, we must simply trust.  Happy Holidays, and on this or any important subject, I'd like to hear from you.