Perspective: WIS editorial on digital television

Since last year, we've been telling you about "The Big Switch" -- the day less than 100 days from now that most TV stations nationwide will turn off their traditional analog transmitters and broadcast only digital signals. We know from your phone calls and e-mails that a lot of you still are not sure if this change will affect you.

If you get local channels via cable or satellite, or you already have a digital TV, you don't need to buy any new equipment. You're all set for digital, or DTV.

You will need to take action if you watch TV with older, analog-only sets that receive an over-the-air signal with rabbit ears or some other type of antenna. You need a TV converter box to convert digital TV to the analog signals your set can use. The bad news is that some of you will need to upgrade your antenna to get an acceptable digital picture.

With digital, a marginal TV signal is not good enough, and sometimes the picture just drops out altogether -- all the more reason to buy a converter box now, so you have time to adjust or change your antenna before "The Big Switch" on February 17th.

For more information on antennas, converter boxes, and a $40 discount on converter boxes, you can visit our "Big Switch" page.

That's my perspective.  I'd like to hear from you!