Perspective: WIS editorial on football ticket prices

Attending a USC football game has become a very expensive, all day affair.  The cheapest game seat most can buy costs at least $35, plus $10-20 for parking. Add a Coke and hotdog for $7.00, and the cost for 4 people approaches  $175.  Then there's the long hike back to your car.  For those willing to pay for convenience, the stadium is surrounded by $1500 a year parking spaces and pricey condominiums.

USC now has a new donation system for athletics called the YES Program. YES is basically a seat license program that requires an extra donation to guarantee your same seats next year. The donation can range from $50 to $395 per seat on top of the ticket price.  Most other Southeastern Conference schools and Clemson have adopted similar plans.

Well, if you're getting priced out of watching USC football in person, please consider this: Benedict College has had four games decided by 4 points or less, and one game that went to 4 overtimes.  At Benedict, tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for students, and you can park right next to the stadium.

Or take in a SC State game or Newberry College game.  Tickets are $15 at Newberry, $20 at SC State, and even less for students. Lately both schools have regularly contended for conference championships.

So don't give up hope of seeing a great college football game, just consider your alternatives and cheer them on!  That's my perspective, what's yours?