Clemson, USC students react to Bowden's departure

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Around USC, news of Tommy Bowden's departure as head coach of the Clemson Tigers spread quickly.

Sophomore Scott Lane called the news a "bombshell" and said people were texting each other about it all over campus.

Bailey Thompson wonders how morale must be at the Clemson locker room.

"If a team loses their head coach halfway through the season, that has to do something to their morale," Thompson said.

The mood around campus is sympathetic toward Bowden; it's a sentiment you might be surprised to hear from the heart of the Gamecock nation.

"I feel bad for him and I respect him, so it's a strange thing for him to be fired in the middle of a season," Lane said.

In a rivalry that's so famously heated, more than you might think had nice things to say.

Jessica Bush called the whole thing "unfortunate" for Bowden.

Phillip Dugaw said, "If it were us and Spurrier got fired, I don't know what I'd do. That kinda messes their whole season up."

"I really didn't have anything against them, except he beat us," Thompson said.

Meanwhile, students at Clemson seemed equally surprised, but understood what had to be done for the team.

One student said, "I'm not happy he lost his job, but it had to be done. I mean our team was losing pretty bad."

Students at USC and Clemson seemed to agree on that point.

"He was a good coach, but he was done at Clemson," Thompson said.

Reported by Taylor Kearns

Posted by Jeremy Turnage