Perspective: WIS editorial on bicycle riding

With the high price of gas and gas shortages, more people are riding a bicycle to work or to run errands. But that raises some prickly issues for our community.

The City of Columbia wants the League of American Bicyclists to designate it a Bike Friendly community. City officials estimate that just under four percent of the population rides bikes to work. But that number could continue to rise, and is our city really bike friendly enough to support and protect those additional riders?

At least one corporate citizen has stepped up to help bike riders. A First Citizen's branch on Rosewood Drive recently installed what will be the first of many bike racks at their banks. They also plan to make all their drive-throughs bike friendly.

Our city needs to step up as well by providing more bike paths, bike lanes, bike racks and bicycle safety awareness. A tragic bicycle-car accident recently highlighted the need for more safety measures.

People will find alternative ways to get around if the price and availability of gas continue to worsen. We also need to have an effective public transportation system and other means of accommodating those alternatives.

That's my perspective, what's yours?  We'd especially love to hear if you've parked the car and found other ways to travel to work, school, or on errands.