Perspective: WIS editorial on early voting by General Manager Donita Todd

Do you know why we vote on Tuesdays in November? It started in the 1840's, when most people made their living farming, so November was convenient. And many voters had to travel a full day to the polling places, so having elections on Monday would have forced many voters to leave home on Sunday.

Those reasons no longer hold. Today, nearly three fourths of U.S. voters can cast ballots well before election day. Oregon even allows voting by mail. In South Carolina, the standards for absentee voting have been eased to the point that just about anyone can qualify. Including students, those 65 and older, people on vacation or working, sick, or caring for someone sick, military or citizens overseas.  Absentee ballots are available September 20 for the November election.

We think more people should take advantage of that. Even better, some state elections leaders would like to see the voting period extended to two weeks. That plan would set up voting centers in each county for those two weeks. It would make voting easier and likely increase turnout.

We may even see internet voting one day, but for now, we can do something to cut down those long lines at the polls this year if you cast an absentee ballot.  Whatever you do, please vote!  That's my perspective, I'd like to hear yours.