Felipe Calihua

Felipe Calihua
Felipe Calihua

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Police say 21-year-old Felipe Calihua of West Columbia took a co-worker out to dinner, then ran him over after dropping him off at home.

Police say it was a crime that caught the victim by complete surprise.

Police say Calihua and his victim were friends, two men who worked construction jobs together in west Columbia.

"He didn't know it was coming, they had not had an altercation of any kind," says Major Jackie Brothers of the West Columbia Police Department.

Police say on September 10, 2006, Calihua and his friend spent the evening together at a restaurant.

"They had been out to dinner, socializing, the offender had actually brought the victim home," says Maj. Brothers.

Police say Calihua drove the victim back to his apartment to drop him off for the night. Police say before leaving, they stayed in the parking lot for a few minutes, and then said good night.

Police say the victim got out of Calihua's car, started walking across the street back to his apartment, and then without warning, Calihua drove his car into the back of the victim, knocking him to the ground, and then dragging him along the way of the street, before driving off.

"This person could have died very easily from his injuries," says Maj. Brothers. "He has made a full recovery, thank goodness. The victim has no idea why this occurred."

Police say this was not the first time Calihua used his car as a weapon.

"He was arrested and convicted for a hit and run previous to the this," says Major Brothers. "He's a dangerous individual."

For nearly two years police haven't been able to find Calihua. They say he may have changed his name and appearance. They say another name he's gone by is Martin Xicalha. They believe he might still be working in construction.

"We hope he's still in the area, we hope somebody knows who he is and where we can find him," says Major Brothers.

If you seen Calihua, police urge you to call 1-888-CRIME-SC.

Reported by Jordan Sandler

Posted by Logan Smith