Unexpected benefits come to owners of lots near Williams-Brice

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Traffic leaving Williams-Brice Stadium after the USC season opener could be summed up in one word -- slow.

Trying to get to the stadium before the game started was slow too.
Lots of Gamecock fans are getting used to new parking rules near Williams-Brice, and some people are even benefiting from the change.    
Finding a parking space close to Williams-Brice Stadium for any USC home game can be difficult, and it's been even harder this year.
But those allowing people to park in their lot are benefiting from a big change.

"Hopefully everybody enjoys the game and we'll make a little bit of money," says Kyle Laughead.

"As you see we've got a parking lo full, so it worked perfectly for us today," says Pastor Williams of the Full Gospel Church on Rosewood, one place with an open lot.
Pastor Williams says for years they've allowed people to park for free.

"We were initially just out here doing some carpentry work on the building and we noticed that people are parking in ways they don't park," said Williams.

So the pastor posted a sign asking for a five dollar donation to park. Meanwhile across the street at Carolina Wiring Service, parking costs $10.

"Well we're just helping everybody out, trying to get them a close parking space to the game," says Laughead.

Both men were surprised by the number of people parking in their lots this year. One of the reasons they probably had so many patrons is a change at the fairgrounds.
Driving past there, you can see its somewhat empty. Recently fairgrounds officials announced you'd have to buy a season pass that cost $180 to park there.
Whatever the reason, Pastor Williams is happy.

"A blessing in disguise, that's right. A lot of people came by and actually doubled, some even gave us four times what we asked," says Williams.

Money collected at Carolina Wiring Service will be given to the workers. Money collected at the Full Gospel Church will help them make renovations.

Reported by Brandi Cummings

Posted by Logan Smith