Beer reps clash with kids on anti-drinking campaign

DOVER, NH (NBC) - A New Hampshire beer distributor says it supports the mission of a local youth group's underage drinking campaign, just not the group's methods.

After receiving permission from local stores, members of Dover's Youth to Youth were in stores on Tuesday putting stickers on beer and other alcohol products warning parents that most children take their first drinks of beer from their own home.

The group says the trouble started when employees of New Hampshire Distributors tried to stop them from putting the stickers on beer products.

In a few incidences they tried to rip the stickers off.
A spokesman for the distributor, said the company supports preventing underage drinking or alcohol abuse by anyone, but he said it does not support the Dover program.

He said it defaces the product and is not as effective as some of the company's own programs advising parents that they have the power to prevent underage drinking.

Kelly said the employees reacted emotionally in the Dover stores and have been spoken to.

Posted by Logan Smith