Beyond all appearances there is good

Simran "Simmi" Singh
Simran "Simmi" Singh

There is a seed of understanding that rests at the very depths of our soul. It is a knowing that beyond all appearances there is Good.

It is representative of ancient knowledge, compassion, and truth. This seed does not flower or germinate; remaining whole and encased, solid in form. It does not dry out and wither; it resides as everlasting potential and endless possibility. Marinating within the heart keeps it alive and supple, healthy and whole.

Hope expresses itself at all times, but particularly in those of need. It is the cord upon which we pull when sadness, despair, and threat of loss approaches. It becomes the banner worn as a blanket, creating a smile, laughter, and community. Within it lies the security that there is something more, a greater power and essence that has a hand in all things. And even though most may not realize, that greatness resides within all things. It becomes our soul strength.

Hope rallies people to continue moving, persevering, and aspiring. It is a means to the end. Regardless of war, tragedy, turmoil, and strife...Hope lives on in the hearts and minds of all people. As part of our is the essence of something beyond full comprehension. Within the confines of that essence lays our own innate power to co-create, dream, and manifest. Hope then becomes the fuel we add to the fire in our hearts and minds to build, grow, and flourish, overcome, and succeed.

How have we come so far? How have we accomplished so much? How have we reached the stars? It has all come from believing in ourselves, knowing there are no limits other than the ones we construct, and continuously redefining what our realities can be. So, how does Hope speak out...? What is its voice?

Hope speaks as inspiration, new ideas, and invention. Hope speaks as a nervous chuckle, muffled cry, and strong resounding 'Yes!' Hope speaks as someone sitting by a hospital bed, someone gazing at a newborn, someone listening to the six o'clock news, and someone behind a microscope awaiting a new discovery.  But mostly Hope speaks as prayer...the simplest and most powerful of which is 'Help me, God.'

Regardless of caste, creed, ethnic background, religion, or age...everyone prays to someone or some thing...finding a way to connect...recognizing there is something to connect to. Somewhere deep within that seed of Hope is the infinite knowing that not only are we all connected to the Universe, we are all parts and pieces of that greatness.

There is 'You' and there is 'I' and there is the 'Other'...but in truth "we are the 'each ness' of the 'all ness' that exists".

Warmest regards,

Simran Singh & 11:11 Magazine