Antonio Eugene Howell

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - We're putting the spotlight on Antonio Eugene Howell. The 26-year-old from Columbia is wanted for shooting bullets at an apartment and sending a young boy to the hospital.
A woman who was inside the apartment at the time told us her story. She didn't want to appear on camera because she's afraid Howell might come after her.

"I was terrified," she says.

The woman says she felt like she was in the middle of a war zone the night of Friday, June 27, as she sat on the sofa at her daughter's apartment on bailey street.

"The way people talk about Vietnam or Iraq War," she said. "It's like living a nightmare."

Police say without warning, Antonio Eugene Howard opened fire at the apartment.

"Pow, pow, pow, you know, like that," she says. "It was about three or four shots."

The witness says when shots rang out, an 11-year-old boy was sitting on the stoop. She says a bullet struck him in the hand, one went through the side of the apartment, and another went through the door frame.

"Then after the gunshots stopped, everyone was feeling to see whether they got shot or not," the woman says.

Police say the boy was the only one hit. They say he was rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

"Oh my god.  My heart goes out to him, I pray for him every night," says the woman. "He got two holes in his hands that won't, that going to be there the rest of his life."

Police say Howell used to live at a nearby apartment complex. Everyone we spoke to at the apartment says they haven't seen him since the shooting.

"I hope this fellow is caught. I hope he's caught and brought to justice," she says. "And whoever see him out there need to report him."

Antonio Howell is six feet tall and weighs about 170 pounds. If you see him, call 1-888-CRIME-SC.

Reported by Jordan Sandler

Posted by Logan Smith