Faith Matters: Sampson Parker talks about how God helped to save him

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Last year, Sampson Parker found himself in a situation where he was given only seconds to act.

Parker's arm became caught in corn picker that was on fire. With only seconds before possible death, Parker had to cut off his own arm to survive.

A year later, Parker says faith led him to his painful, but life-saving decision.

"When I prayed to God to not to let me die there - to give me strength to be able to get free - something took my hand and just told me this is what I had to do," Parker said.

Parker said he thanks God every day after the incident and that

"There was so many things happening that day that there's truly God's power helped me have the strength to do what I did," Parker said.

Parker wants to thank the people and churches in South Carolina that prayed for his recovery.

Parker is doing well these days. He was fitted for a prosthetic arm that helps him keep working hard on his farm.

Posted by Jeremy Turnage