Albert Andreas Wilson

Albert Andreas Wilson
Albert Andreas Wilson

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - WIS viewers have helped catch 22 suspects since we started our Midlands Most wanted series.
This suspect is wanted for stealing something that's a hot commodity right now -- gasoline.

We're putting the spotlight on Albert Andreas Wilson. Police say this Columbia man is the run after stealing $140 of gas from Lexington.
With the high cost of fuel as it is, the gas station owner says this loss really hurts.

"I hope he pays his price," says gas station owner Jay Patel.

Patel runs the Valero-Mega stop on Columbia Avenue in Lexington.

He says because of the high cost of fuel, he only makes a profit of about $67 a day on all his gas sales.

"Not much profit in the gas anyway. We try to break even. And if something happens like this, there is no way to recollect that," says Patel.

Patel says what Albert Andreas Wilson is charged with doing, hurt him big time.

Police say around midnight on May fifth, Wilson tampered with the pump and he pumped out 37 gallons, filling up his truck and two five-gallon gas tanks. But police say he didn't pump the unleaded, no, he pumped the premium, making away with 140 dollars of stolen gas."

"From morning to the evening, we work hard every day to make it up," says Patel.

As Patel works to try to make up the losses, Lexington police say they're working hard trying to find Wilson.

"We did have some initial contact with him at the beginning of the investigation," says Detective Ray Hill of the Lexington Police Department.

Police say Wilson said he'd cooperate with them, but they haven't been able to find him since.

"We believe he's in the Columbia area, we know that he has family in the Columbia area, and he has lived in the Columbia area most of his life," says Hill.

Police say Wilson's last known address was an apartment in Columbia at 3430 Broad River Road.

If you have seen Albert Andreas Wilson, the tip line to call is 1-888-559-8477.
Someone convicted of a crime like this could face up to five years in prison.

Reported by Jordan Sandler

Posted by Logan Smith