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Boy drowns in bed after swim in pool

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GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - It's a child's first time at the pool; he swallows water, goes home to lie down, and drowns while lying in his own bed. It happened to a ten-year-old over the weekend.

Goose Creek police say a ten-year-old swallowed some water while swimming. He later complained he was tired and couldn't breathe. He also began slurring his speech.

Dr. Radwan Hallaba says these are signs something is wrong, and it's important for parents to pick up on any possible problems at the pool.

"Sleepiness, wakefulness, change in concentration ability. Anything like that that suggests a change, could suggest maybe they're not getting enough oxygen," said Dr. Hallaba.

Police say the mother then took the child to their Branchwood apartment and let him lie down in bed.

For a 70 pound child, as little as one ounce of water getting into the lungs can start the drowning process.

"It's called a dry-drowning where their larynx or windpipe spasms. So it can happen either in a dry setting or a wet setting in terms of actually aspirating or ingesting water into the air pipes and into the airway can cause it," said Dr. Hallaba.

Dr. Hallaba says it is unusual for a drowning to happen hours after a child leaves the pool, but it's not unheard of. He says parents should call the doctor immediately should they see any warning signs.

The Red Cross offers swimming classes for people of all ages, and shares these water safety tips.

  • Have constant supervision
  • Don't rely on floatation alone
  • Enroll your child in swim class
  • Learn CPR

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