"Sean's Last Wish" comments on Irmo Principal's resignation

IRMO, SC (WIS) - Wednesday Sean's Last Wish denounced the resignation announcement of Irmo High School Principal Eddie Walker because of his opposition to the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance.  The organization also criticized his explanation for opposing GSA's.

"Principal Walker's problematic statement, 'I feel the formation of a Gay/Straight Alliance Club at Irmo High School implies that students joining the club will have chosen to or will choose to engage in sexual activity with members of the same sex, opposite sex, or members of both sexes,' is completely ludicrous and unfounded," said Sean's Last Wish Founder, Elke Kennedy, whose son Sean was murdered last year in Greenville in an anti-gay hate-crime.   "GSA's give students who are gay bi and straight, a safe place to support each other, talk about issues and work to end homophobia. Many GSAs function as a support group and provide safety and confidentiality to students who are struggling with their identity."

"Sean's Last Wish recognizes the significant lack of inclusive diversity education for faculty and administrators within our public school systems. The organization has worked with many GSA's throughout South Carolina and North Carolina to raise awareness of issues that impact the lives of these students and will continue our efforts to educate the public about the need for such student clubs and the need to better protect all student populations."

"The Principal's resignation is indicative of the climate of intolerance many students must endure while trying to obtain the best possible education."  said Scott Young, Vice Chair of Public Policy & Education Sean's Last Wish.  "We have to provide a safe and affirming space for all students to learn."

Posted by Logan Smith