Faith in America responds to resignation of principal over Gay/Straight Alliance

WASHINGTON, DC - Brent Childers, Executive Director of Faith in America released the following statement.  It is in response to the resignation of high school Principal Eddie Walker after being ordered to allow the formation of a Gay Straight Alliance at Irmo High School in Irmo, South Carolina.

"It is a shame that the principal at Irmo High School in South Carolina decided to place religion-based bigotry and discrimination over his former commitment to his students and staff," said Faith In America Executive Director Brent Childers.

"We truly believe it is unfortunate that this principal cannot see the immense harm that is caused when a social climate of rejection, condemnation and violence is justified with misguided religious belief. To make such a choice over simply allowing gay youth a forum to meet and talk, alludes to the apparent deep-seated prejudice that must exist in the religious mindset of this person.

"It is unfortunately very similar to the time in our history when segregation in schools was once allowed to flourish because of the deep-seated prejudice that existed in our institutions and the religious mindset of many people during that period."

Posted by Logan Smith