Father of rape victim hopeful after suspect's arrest

CAYCE, SC (WIS) - Forensic investigators are processing DNA evidence to see if it matches the man arrested Tuesday evening after a brutal rape.
And now the father of that rape victim tells us how his daughter reacted to the news.

"I called her, she gave out the best scream she could possibly give, out with the condition that she's in," the man told WIS News 10. We won't identify him, to protect his daughter's identity.

The father says his daughter was ecstatic to hear the news that an arrest was made in her case. Earlier Tuesday afternoon, we met with the father before we knew about the arrest.

He says his daughter works with him at a business on Charleston Street in West Columbia. He says after work in the early morning hours of Friday they had a trivial father-daughter argument, and she went to go blow off some steam with a walk down the street.

"I had just talked to her on the phone, two minutes before this happened, we were leaving to pick her up, when this happened," he says.

Authorities say a man attacked her, beat her brutally, raped her in the bushes, tied her hands and feet with string and took off.

"Most people would have laid there, male or female, and died. He beat the fight out of the average person, but he didn't beat the fight out of her," the father says.

He says she would have bled to death lying there, but she managed to free her feet by using a lighter to burn the string that she was tied up with.
"And she had the hindsight to break loose, climb out of those woods, and walk to help with her eyes closed shut," says the father.

Wearing nothing but a bra, authorities say she was able to find help at the Krispy Kreme.

"I'm so proud of her, she makes Muhammad Ali look like a sissy," says the father.

But his daughter has so many bones broken in her face and neck, he says it will take years for her to recover.

"This is only the beginning of her pain though, and suffering, they'll be many years for her to go though because of this," he says.

Tuesday's news of the arrest might ease the emotional pain a little, but until DNA evidence confirms the man arrested is the suspect, the father wants you to keep an eye out for the pictured suspect.

"It looks real promising, it looks real promising, but I'm not giving up until I know," says the father.

Count on WIS News 10 to let you know as soon as SLED announces the results of the DNA tests.

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Reported by Jordan Sandler

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